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United States

Christian Curry’s Design Portfolio



Changing the way you consume coffee.



The goal of this project was simply to redefine the coffee experience. We decided to have a little fun with such a broad prompt and propose that you could simply inhale your coffee instead of drinking it!


  • Introduction to Interaction Design


  • Tad Hirsch


  • Premiere Pro

Group Members

  • Chris Curry
  • Vivian Chang
  • Caitlin Donahue

Personal Contributions

  • Concept
  • Direction
  • Filming and Editing


Redefine Coffee

Our task for this project was to redefine the coffee experience. Since this was an introductory course, our professor was pretty lenient on how realistic our solution could be. He preferred for us to think way outside the box.

We should breathe coffee!

It was interesting to be in a group where I was the only one who actually enjoyed the taste of coffee. We all agreed that the smell of coffee was very pleasant though, so we decided to toy around with the idea of breathing in your coffee instead of drinking it.

The package should be portable

Seeing that one of the main benefits of this idea was the possibility to free up your hands from holding a coffee cup, we thought the product should fit easy in a pocket or clip on to the clothing you were wearing. Vivian mocked up some colorful prototypes for our video.