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Christian Curry’s Design Portfolio

Dark Design

A few quick explorations in Augmented Reality.


disclaimer—These ideas are intentionally weird!

Our professor encouraged us to embrace the dark side (Vader style), so these ideas are definitely meant to be taken with a grain of salt and a little humor!

We are always watching you.

The goal for this project was to come up with a "dark design" for a particular subject and push it as far as we could while still making the project believable. I decided it would be interesting to tackle the future of religion and tithing. The basic idea is that in the future you would put in a contact lens that would use augmented reality to monitor your actions and make suggestions on how to live a better life. A person can earn points and experience based on their actions and speak with a councelor who could set specific personalized goals. The service is all "donation" based like any church would be and would periodically ask you for a donation. 

Defense against the dark arts

In the second part of this quarter we were tasked to come up with a defense against any dark design tactics. Our group decided to tackle the retail and super-market environments in an attempt to get the consumer to make more informed and intelligent purchases.