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Christian Curry’s Design Portfolio

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Wireframe Examples


Registration Flow Wires

This is a wire flow from a project I worked on at Fuzzy Math in Chicago for a company that provides wellness programs to other companies and their employees (for this example I am using Generic Health as a placeholder name). Our team was tasked with overhauling their member portal and one of my tasks was to work on their account creation flow. The annotations in pink are for our lead designer and they show some small changes or tweaks the client requested that didn't require a full update to the flow. 

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Marketing Landing Page

This is an example from my time at Tectonic in Seattle. We were working for a large non-profit focused on conservation efforts around the world. For sharing purposes, I have changed their name to Conservation Company. In this engagement, Conservation Company came to us with the hope that we could improve their rate of conversion for donations. 

This wire is of an example of a pattern we were calling "feature pages" that would live inside of their marketing website. One of the ways we theorized we could improve conversion rate was by allowing potential donors to start filling out their donation amount right on the feature page. We believed that people would be more willing to complete the process if they were given a really simple way to start it. 

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