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Christian Curry’s Design Portfolio

Just For Fun


Augmented reality experiment

Shortly after I graduated one of my professors asked me if I had any ideas how to prototype for augmented reality hardware like the HoloLens. It was an interesting question so I began to experiment in my free time. Eventually I found some existing libraries for the game development platform Unity. I spent some time learning the basics of Blender and Unity to create a simple demo that used an iPhone's camera and image recognition to place a computer generated object in frame that you could seemingly move around.

Demo of the prototype in action

Project Inertia

The Inertia Project was an internal project I helped kick start while working at Tectonic. Every week we would draw a verb to animate into a looping square GIF. The idea started as a way for everyone to get practice using After Effects in a fun way that wouldn’t take too much time away from work but I think the end results ended up being really interesting and mesmerizing to look at. 

Here are some of my contributions.

See the full tumblr at here.