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The Trip Begins

Chris Curry

Yesterday, Kinsey and I cleared out the last of our stuff from the apartment. piled into Subi B Anthony (the current name of the Outback), and hit the road.

We had a quick stop at 3 Floyds brewing for a bite and a brew before driving to our first Walmart parking lot in Springfield, IL.

Sun Rays in Illinois

It took a little while to set up the car, but I know we will get into a routine quickly—we just need to figure out the right process. It's not too bad, considering how tight the car is, and I slept pretty well the first night. I'm looking forward to documenting the set-up and breakdown, I'm pretty proud of the work we did to make the most of the space.

Hotel on wheels

Hotel on wheels

This morning I convinced Kinsey to pose with her kindle like all of those beautiful "I woke up to this" shots we see on Instagram. Normally those shots have a beautiful lake or mountain range in the background, but I love the cold concrete and cars driving by. Really captures the spirit of this part of the journey.

Ah! The beautiful vista of Walmart's parking lot

Ah! The beautiful vista of Walmart's parking lot

After breaking down and making coffee, we hit the road for St Louis. I'm excited to explore a bit this afternoon and evening. Probably stopping to see the arch and grab some BBQ and some point before finding the next Walmart 😂.