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We're going to Jackson

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We're going to Jackson

Chris Curry

We had a nice drive leaving Casper. The roads were mostly empty and wound through many beautiful places.

As the day wore on, we realized we wouldn’t be able to make it to Jackson before dark. We pulled into a campsite in the Bridger-Teton National Forest with an amazing view of a formation called Pinnacle Buttes. The camp host looked at us skeptically as we set up our tent. “I hope you guys have warm sleeping blankets”. The temperature was expected to be in the 20s that night.

We watched the sunset on the buttes as we started our campfire. It didn’t take long for the temperature to drop that night. In our tent, we both looked like caterpillars in cocoons with our sleeping bags drawn over our faces for warmth.

The cold woke us up early in the morning and we started our drive to Jackson. A few miles up the road we crossed the Continental Divide for the first time on our trip, and it was only a few more miles before we caught our first view of the Teton Range in the distance.

First view of the Grand Teton Mountain Range.

We made our way into town and spent the morning servicing the Subaru and giving it a quick bath. There was a thick wall of bug death that needed to be removed from the front of the car and the Thule.

We set up the car for sleeping and parked it on a residential street. We had a fun night exploring breweries, watching live bluegrass, and getting a small tour from a resident who was excited to share his town.

The next morning we made our way towards Yellowstone via the Grand Teton National Park. The sky was absolutely clear and the mountains were shining brightly. We made a few stops to capture some photos along the way, but we decided that we would try to spend the night in or near Yellowstone.