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A short post on Livingston

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A short post on Livingston

Chris Curry

Leaving Yellowstone, we were looking forward to a bed and warm showers. It had been over a week since we left Kelly’s apartment in Minnesota, and we had been camping ever since.

The drive was relatively quick, but we ended up in Livingston a little too early to check-in so we went to a cafe for a few hours to do a little work on our laptops.

We were able to check-in to our Airbnb at 3 PM sharp. We immediately took long showers and put on some clean clothes. We went out for dinner that night, but took it relatively easy and came back early to sleep in a warm bed. The next day was similarly relaxed and uneventful. We ended up renting a movie and staying in for dinner.

We must be getting closer to Seattle...

The last night was a little rough, as the fire alarm rather rudely woke us up around 2 AM for some unknown reason. We opened doors and windows, which seemed to work for a little bit, but the alarm decided to go off again at 3:45 AM. Our hosts got back to us around 5 AM and they were able to pop the circuit breaker, giving us a few hours more of sleep, but we left the next day feeling a bit groggy.

We drove to Bozeman to do some laundry and we grabbed a quick lunch at MAP brewing before heading towards Craig, MT to meet up with some of Kinsey’s family for a week of camping and fishing the Missouri river.

Visiting map Brewing